The SHARE Blog started in the beginning of May 2018 as an independent initiative of eight researchers, active in work with SHARE data, and a representative of SHARE Coordination in Munich (although independent, we are officially supported by SHARE).

The blog is intended as a strong tool to promote and discuss the findings of researchers working with SHARE data. We try to include as many diverse and quality articles and posts as possible. If interested in publication, please write to us (see the About section).

The blog is published biweekly. So far we published five posts and we have already received several new ones about the articles, published in the best journals in geronthology, medicine, sociology, economics and statistics.

We will resume our work end of August – please, follow us to read about new and high quality research with SHARE data in the field of ageing in all its versatility.

We wish you to have great holidays in between!

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24 Jul 2018

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